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Outdoor Leagues

Texas United Football League
The TUFL is the dean of the outdoor leagues.  It is one of the biggest and strongest semi-pro leagues in the state.

National Minor League Football
The NMLF will enter its second season in 2010.  The new commissioner is former Dallas Cowboy Lincoln Coleman.

Minor Professional Football League
The MPFL will be in its first season in 2010.  The commissioner is veteran semi-pro football player K.C. Kimmey.

World Football League
The World Football League is made up of several teams over several midwestern states including the Dallas Diesel.

National Public Safety Football League
The National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL), is a union of public safety agency football teams from throughout the United States, united to promote a positive self image to the public by raising funds for charity through spirited competition.

Gulf Coast Football Association
The GCFA is a league made up of teams in states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.


Arlington Indoor Football Assocation
The AIFA is a 7-on-7 indoor league that will play in the fall of 2009 at the Arlington Indoor Center.

Independent Indoor Football Alliance
The IIFA is an indoor league comprised of teams from North Texas.  The league has played for two years with the North Texas Crunch winning both titles.

Eight Men

American Eightman Football League
the AEFL is an outdoor, eight man football league located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  The games are played in the Spring.

Women’s Football Leagues

Women’s Football Alliance
The WFA is a women’s football league with teams all across the country including the Lone Star Mustangs.

Independent Women’s Football League
The IWFL is a women’s football league that includes teams all over the country including the Dallas Diamonds.