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cftt blog

The cftt blog

cftt ( is a blog about NCAA college football, specifically the Bowl Championship Subdivision, formerly NCAA Division I Football. cftt keeps up with the landscape of college football during the season and off season. cftt posts Top Ten categories such as last season’s Top Ten Bowl Games and a regular article called Running the Spread.

Behind cftt is Todd E. Jones of Conway, AR.  Todd grew up in Arkansas and followed the Razorbacks closely as well as Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. Todd played Junior High and High School football in his hometown of Batesville, AR. His claim to fame was being the starting offensive right tackle for his 9th grade football team that completed a perfect 9-0 record in the fall of 1985.

Todd had the chance to cover the TCU Horned Frogs and the Armed Forces Bowl during the Fall of 2008 as a contributor to Pegasus News.

Ten Reasons I Like College Football

Why have a blog on college football? I love it. But why? What is it about college football that is so special? I’m glad you asked. Here are the top ten reasons I like college football.

10. Bands–When ABC does their commercials for college football games, what do you hear? The band. It is special! Everybody can remember hearing the Florida State Seminole Band do the war chant. What about the Ohio State band dotting the “I”?

9. Preseason Hype–The magazines come out in the early summer, and the excitement begins. Have you begun buying your magazines? Fans tout the fact that their team will be the national champs in just a few months. I saw this from a Baylor fan on the comment section of an article by Brian of on the Fox Sports website. Huh? I guess everyone has a shot.

8. Uniforms–College football uniforms are great. They have color, they have style, and they are unique. Oregon sets the trend with their flashy uniforms. Let’s just say, they have their Knight in shining armor. Even the simple uniforms are classics, see Alabama, Notre Dame, and Penn State.

7. Controversy–We hate debating playoffs and who’s number one every year, don’t we? Sometimes I wonder. It has been noted (See Stewart Mandel) that controversy is part of the winning formula for college football. I still want a playoffs, but it’s hard to argue with the numbers.

6. Rivalries–The Red River Shootout (oops, I mean Rivalry), The Iron Bowl, The Border War (uh, Shootout), Army vs. Navy, World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, The Big Game (Cal/Stanford), The Egg Bowl, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, just to name a few.

5. Cheerleaders–They are cute, they lead the crowd in the traditional cheers, they keep the crowd loud, and they are really good students.

4. Stadiums–105,000 fans! That is just astounding. The Big House, The Coliseum, Between the Hedges, Death Valley. College football stadiums are unbelievable.

3. Statue of Libery/ The Hook & Lateral–Only in college football can you run these plays and they work.

2. Passion–College football fans are die-hard fans. Tailgating is a ritual. But don’t miss the game!

1. The Student Athlete–What I like about college football is, when a 3rd string tailback, can enter the game and rush for 205 yards and help lead an underdog to a big time victory. What a thrill!