Goodbye my friends

It has been a long time coming.

Moving from the area makes it harder to keep up with a hyperlocal website such as Dfwfootball. That is why I am announcing that I will be closing this website within the next few weeks.

It has been a fun ride. I have met some great people. I have so enjoyed this project, but the past year things have just gotten to a point that I must step away, consolidate projects and spend more time on other things that matter.

Lots of thanks go to Daniel Durany, Chase Rader and Roger Corralez, guys who wrote multiple articles for me at dfwfootball. Also, I’ve been fortunate to have permission to use photos from Keith Robinson, Billy Joe Gabriel, Sarah Sweney-Smith, Mary Walton and Brad McClendon. Thank you so much for your help!

I remember the nights I rushed home from work to have our podcast. Chase Rader was the man behind the podcast. It was his idea and he was our leader. He made sure it went. I am grateful.

I remember the time I drove to the Dallas area, twice, and stayed a total of 24 hours or less, just to watch a game and meet with my team. One time, Chase, Brad and me attended a Dallas Defenders game at 3 pm on a Saturday and made it to a Texas Revolution (Allen Wrangers at the time) by 6 pm to cover that game. I was sunburned when the day was over — it was hot in Addison that day!

I remember driving to Collin County to watch the first-ever Rattlers game against the Fort Worth Avengers. Quentin McKinney scored three touchdowns in three different ways that night.

There were all those times I went to Pennington Field in Bedford to watch the Avengers or the Stampede play, and, once, the Lone Star Mustangs women’s football team.

I also remember the night that the Avengers and the Stampede played in the Northern Conference Championship game at Keller High School. The Avengers won that night and went on to win the TUFL Championship.

I saw the Dallas Diesel play in a playoff game on a night in which game time temperature was right around 100 degrees. It was hot!

I saw the Weatherford Bullets play in Milsap, and I even saw a game at the famous Josey Ranch.

So many good memories.

I have met some great men and women involved in the semi pro and minor league football industry.

Oh yeah, the ladies. We have had the privilege of featuring some of the prettiest, sweetest girls in the DFW Metroplex. I (of course!) am so thankful that these teams have/had dance teams! I was able to get some good pictures with them :-)

What happens now?

Well, if you are on the email newsletter, it will be deleted completely. You were subscribed to that email newsletter, so, it will go away. The email addresses will go away too.

I will also close the Facebook page and twitter accounts for dfwootball as well as any other social media profile/page.

All images and articles at dfwfootball will also go away. I had thought about archiving them, but I am not sure why. I am not sure what value they have aside from this blog/website. All images will be deleted too. These were images that we had permission to use or images that I took.

I love football, and this website, along with, served a purpose in my life at the time.

Football doesn’t hold the place in my life that it did then. I will continue to watch college football in the Fall when I can. I love my Razorbacks even though the past two years have been really hard. I also love the Horned Frogs. I loved watching and covering them and believe they will be back in the hunt for a conference title once again soon. I watched with excitement the season that the UNT Mean Green had in 2013. Those fans were due a great season.

This coming fall, I hope to attend some college games here in Conway, AR where I live. Current Texas Revolution QB Nathan Dick’s Alma Mater is UCA and they have been really good the past few years. Division III Hendrix College started football again in 2013, and I would like to attend a game. Also, I have been able to go to my high school’s homecoming game the past two years and anticipate doing it again this year, my 25 year anniversary (time flies!).

I have become an entrepreneur, and I encourage you to do the same. I don’t believe you can ever fully trust anyone else (a company) with your future. My former employer no longer exists, and layoffs are happening every day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure we have had together.

One more thing. Support your local businesses. They are the heartbeat of the city. Many of you have businesses or have friends or family members that have businesses. You know how important it is.

You can go to the chain establishment tomorrow. For today, go to the local business.

If you want to keep up with Todd E Jones, simply follow my blog or catch me on twitter (@tejones).

God Bless.


Here are some of our great pictures. Do you remember any of these people/pictures/events?